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We have relocated and  Bernedoodle puppies will now be available from us in Oklahoma!  We have also added to our breeding program and have a new AKC Parti Poodle which we expect will deliver her first litter in the summer of 2019.
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Bernese Mountain Dog & Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies

 Zoe was born in San Diego, California, in June 2011. She is a gorgeous standard Poodle, reflecting years of cautious breeding, committed to the purity of her line.

Zoe is AKC registered (certifying the absolute quality of her Poodle heritage). Her given name:
Zoelle Countryside Bloom.

Zoe is from the Countryside Poodle lineage. Her heritage has multiple generations of distinctive and stately Poodles, free of disease or genetic anomalies. Her parents were certified via DNA profile to be free from any genetic problems, and OFA pre-certified as having "Excellent Hip Joint Conformation."

Zoe is a beautiful black standard Poodle with the signature "blue skin" to show the intensity of her black coat. Zoe is 24" at the withers, and weighs 64 lbs, an excellent weight for a mid-sized standard Poodle.

Zoe loves people! She's become accustomed to taking all of the attention when she goes out. Whether she's visiting the local nursing home or spending time at the local coffee shop, she's a friend to everyone that she meets. Her disposition and intelligence make her an excellent family member...and mother-to-be.

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We found this majestic young man here in Southern California, located closeby to our home.  Fred ("Freddy") is a stunning example of a strong and confident Bernese Mountain Dog. Freddy is AKC Registered and he was born in 2016. He comes from a line of very strong, healthy, and very large Berners. 

Freddy is large and strong, he currently weighs just about 110 lbs and stands about 24" at the withers.  He has outstanding conformation and his markings are spectacular.  Neither of his parents have had any known health issues, including no joint or musculoskeletal abnormalities.

The ranch where he lives is his home and he serves as the guard, protecting the owners as well as the livestock on the ranch. His strength and demeanor are perfect to keep intruders at long as they don't learn that he actually loves people and loves to be the center of attention.



The VERY best way to get puppy updates is to follow us on Facebook -  

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Bernedoodle Puppies
Some of the Bernedoodles pictured on this site are provided as examples of possible colors and conformation of our upcoming Bernedoodle puppy litters.

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