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  Bernese Mountain Dog & Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies

Puppies from our 2017 litter turned 1 year old - check in on their updates below.

Miss Green - "Lexi"

Lexi love's kids. She is the best Dog. She goes everywhere we go and is very well behaved.
She has even been to Disneyland. She is just awesome!


Mr Red - "Boomer"

Boomer - I get tons of compliments on how handsome Boomer is. Our groomer say his hair is unusually silky for a Bernadoodle.  He is very gentle, good player, fast runner, cuddles, protective of the house, and smart. At one year old, he weighs 90 lbs.


Mr Gray - "Shadow"

Shadow is very chill, medium energy level, LOVES kids and dogs, likes being around his humans.
He has a new hobby, He's learning scent detection and absolutely loves it. Also the best one in the class.
He's a digger when left alone too long. He does not like being without people because he gets bored easily.
The non-obedience classes like scent detection are great for smart breeds.
He's the best member of the family that we could hope for.  Oh, and he's an extreme cuddler. Very sensitve and touchy-feely pup. Just perfect.  At one-year-old he weighs 68.5 lbs.


Mr Blue - "Kylo"

Kylo is doing outstanding! He really is a great addition to the family! At one year old, he is a whopping 75 lbs!! He is huge and a whole lot of energy! He loves to play fetch and my son actually taught him to sit in a chair so when we have a bonfire in the backyard he takes a sit with us around the fire! He loves to lounge in his bed and finding crumbs that the kids have dropped after they ate. Hahaha!! He definitely is our little vacuum cleaner!  His color is all black except on his back he has a salt and pepper look. We just got him groomed so his hair is short!  He also loves to stand by the window with my son and watch people go by. He is an absolute amazing fur baby!


Miss Yellow - "Sasha"

Sasha is amazing! She's super smart and extremely loving. She loves to just run around the mountains when we go and gives us a bit of a scare sometimes, haha. But, she is a mountain dog, so it's not surprising!


Mr Orange - "Boba"

Boba is 66 lbs, very mellow and gets along with everybody. He does bark at the mailman once in a while. We went to obedience training a few months ago and he picked up real quick. He has some dark brown hair on the ear and mustache and random white hair all around. We do go running about 4 times a week, and ranges from 2 to 6 miles . We will try hiking and swimming this summer. It's been snowing here the past few months.


Mr Navy - "Bernie"

Bernie is very sweet, loves to play, he's excellent with all dogs, great disposition. He is just a love. At one year, he currently weighs 77.7 lbs!

Mr Tan - "Bernie"

Bernie is about 90 muscular pounds with long curly hair. He smiles a lot. He chases balls, loves to swim, and mostly loves wrestling with Danger his big brother. Bernie plays well with all animals and is fascinated by our cat.


Mr Brown - "Sammy"  

Sammy is 75 pounds of cuddles. He is the sweetest dog ever. He is black and has reddish whiskers in the sun. He loves wrestling with teddy and cuddling in bed. I've never met another dog desiring so much affection. I love him so much.  


Miss Purple - "Pepper"  

Here is of our sweet little Pepper . To say that we are obsessed would be an understatement. She is such a joy to have around everyday and we love her so much! She weight 57 lbs. right now and she has the best coat, barely sheds at all. There is not a walk that goes by that someone doesn't stop us to talk to her and ask questions about what type of dog she is and where we got her. People always comment that she looks like such a happy dog. She is also extremely smart and has such a sweet disposition. We think that she is the smartest dog either one of us has ever had. You can actually see her trying to figure out what you are saying, even if you aren't talking to her.


Pepper's owner added a precious little boy to their family and reiterated the fact that "Pepper is the best big sister. We couldn't ask for a better dog."

We have relocated and  Bernedoodle puppies will now be available from us in Oklahoma!  We have also added to our breeding program and have a new AKC Parti Poodle which we expect will deliver her first litter in the summer of 2019.
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Bernedoodle Puppies
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