Bernedoodle Puppies
San Diego Bernedoodles
Breeder of Bernedoodle Puppies in San Diego and Southern California.
Bernedoodle Puppies

Bernedoodle Puppies
Bernedoodle Puppies

Bernedoodle Puppies for Sale in San Diego

Bringing together two of the finest breed dogs into one precious hybrid...
   Meet Zoe & Fred:
AKC Registered.
Show Quality Dogs.
A Black Standard Poodle &

A Gentle Giant Bernese Mountain Dog.

Parents of our Bernedoodles.
See their puppies at 1-yr old,

These puppies are from Zoe's prior doodle litters. Actual colors may vary.

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We had our first litter of Bernedoodle puppies arrive in February 2017. Each puppy had a stunning black coat and a couple had white toes, received from their father's side. This loveable breed is fairly new, so please look around this site and learn as much as you can before adopting a puppy (as you would with any breed).  What puppies are available now?

The Bernedoodle is not an accidental cross-breed, but actually one of the newest "designer dogs," being bred with specific purpose and intent. 

The American Kennel Club has ranked the most popular dogs in North America out of 148 different breeds. Poodles have consistently ranted in the top 10 due to their intelligence, loyalty, and low- (to non-) shedding traits, while the Bernese Mountain Dog has been increasing in popularity, currently ranked at #30 carrying the reputation as good natured, calm and strong. Clearly, the hybrid of these two breeds produces outstanding family dogs who are calm, friendly, intelligent, affectionate and easy to train. Many poodle crosses inherit the fur qualities of the poodle, but not the texture. This means that most don't shed, or shed lightly, and may not produce an allergic reaction. However, there is always an element of surprise with a hybrid of this type as the coat of either breed could dominate.  See what they look like when our puppies turned 1-yr old.

So what IS a "designer dog?" This term (made popular in recent years) designates a cross between two purebred dogs. A purebred has been bred over many generations to ensure the purity of the breed. Each puppy that is born looks the same and has the same temperament and characteristics of each other. Breeders of purebred dogs must follow strict written standards, and only dogs which meet those standards may be bred. When you buy a certified, licensed purebred dog, you know what you are getting. A risk that has developed with purebred breeds is the issue of hereditary abnormalities. It is possible that breeding within the same gene pool can cause genetic problems, and it is critical that breeders perform genetic testing on their purebreds before breeding them any further. By cross-breeding two strong and popular breeds, the resulting puppies, the "designer dogs," are likely to have a strong genetic base from which to grow. The characteristics of these popular breeds, the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Poodle, are blended together, providing genetic strength as well as attractive, intelligent, and lovable offspring.

We have relocated and  Bernedoodle puppies will now be available from us in Oklahoma!  We have also added to our breeding program and have an AKC Parti Poodle which we expect will deliver in early 2020.
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Some of the Bernedoodles pictured on this site are provided as examples of possible colors and conformation of our upcoming Bernedoodle puppy litters.
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Berner doodles and Bernedoodle puppies are great hybrid pets and are similar to goldendoodle and labradoodle puppies. We have people from different areas in California and Arizona interested in our Bernedoodle puppies including Los Angeles California Bernedoodles and Phoenix Arizona Bernedoodles. If you live in CA or AZ and are outside of the San Diego California area but want a Bernedoodle puppy, we are able to ship our Berne doodle puppies to other areas and other states. San Diego California bernedoodles, Los Angeles California Berne doodles, Phoenix Arizona Bernedoodles.